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Episode 201 – Plane Crash

Les welcomes eight teenage survivors to the scene of a floatplane crash and reveals to the audience that one of them will be declared the Ultimate Survivor at the end of the series. After preparing a camp for the night Les returns with a surprise challenge. Two members of the group are separated and must spend their first night alone.

Episode 202 – Boiling Point
Les challenges the remaining six at the original camp to boil water using two different methods – if successful they will win back the two exiles. Meanwhile the two exiles are unaware of the challenge and spend the day wondering when rescue is coming and must prepare for another night alone.

Episode 203 – Snakes on a Plate
The reunited group is tasked with gathering a feast from their environment. They must harvest, capture or kill for food. But Les has a surprise gift for the kids – a live snake to add to their feast.

Episode 204 – Sick and Tired
A night hike begins a trek that will take several days to complete. An ailing member collapses from fatigue and forces the group to split up. With no idea when or if they’ll ever be reunited they must divide their resources and debate their best course for survival.

Episode 205 – Survival Trek
The kids continue an epic survival trek by leaping off of a cliff and following a wild river. Cold and wet, after losing all of their supplies in a set of rapids, they discover just a single match waiting on the opposite bank.

Episode 206 – Cave Survival
In his search for an Ultimate Survivor, Les returns to issue an individual challenge. Inspired by their primitive surroundings the kids must use items found in caves to fashion a survival tool and make a fire. For three members comes the realization that they cannot survive alone.

Episode 207 – Medical Emergency

Les challenges the remaining five kids to transport an injured member to an abandoned cabin using only a compass. If successful they can use the cabin and anything they find in it to aid their survival. Two cans of spaghetti only fuels the group’s hunger, making them wish they had never opened them.

Episode 208 – Fish Trip
Les simulates a fishing trip gone wrong and puts each survivor under pressure to perform. Left behind with only their caught fish, an axe and a compass they must get themselves fire and shelter. The challenge proves too much for two survivors.

Episode 209 – Fire Cross
A challenge to move fire across open water and build a shelter from items found while beach combing exposes deep divisions in the final three. While two excel with every challenge, one struggles to keep up.

Episode 210 – Set Adrift
The final three are dropped far from shore into the frigid waters of Lake Huron. With just their survival suits they must spend the next 24 hours alone in a life raft. Battling cold, wind and waves takes each to their breaking point.

Episode 211 – Rescue Me
As dawn breaks the kids find they are beached on an uninhabited island in Georgian Bay. With a storm approaching the kids must lose their sea legs and prepare three unique signals for Les to locate them and ultimately get them rescued.

Episode 212 – Solo Survival
Les sends our final three into their solo missions with only a whistle, a paddle, a knife, a headlamp, a flare gun and a single match. Knowing they are in a competition for the Ultimate Survivor they must survive alone for several days and demonstrate their skills in a series of challenges. When one of the three fails to light a fire they only have their will to survive to stay in the game.

Episode 213 – Self Rescue / Finale
After finding a cache of survival items the kids are tasked with transforming their shelters into rafts and paddling to a rendezvous with friends, family and former cast members. Upon arrival Les finally reveals his choice for Ultimate Survivor.

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